Thursday, December 8, 2011

Some Firsts...

So during this week of preparation for finals I had some experiences that I were my First.

My very own gingerbread house
  • Last night at LINK I built my very first gingerbread house.  When Lauren, Alex and I were planning our last LINK, we wanted to do something fun.  Alex came up with this great idea and I became super excited!!!  I had never built one and this was the perfect opportunity.

  • Tomorrow I'm taking the bus to the UMall for the very first time.  I was always told how easy it was but never has the occasion to go.  Burlington has so many great stores where I did most of my Christmas shopping.  I figured a Friday afternoon would be the perfect opportunity to go and get some specifics that I couldn't find in Burlington.
The view from my window

  • The first snowfall while I was on campus happened last night.  Now I know this isn't a real first but it was for me this season.  Vermont also got some snow over Thanksgiving break, while I was in New Jersey.  And New Jersey got snow in October, while I was in Vermont.  I loved waking up and seeing everything covered in white.  It reminds me how beautiful everything is.
  • This morning was the first time all semester I slept in on a week-day.  It was really nice not having to get up super early and get moving.  I let my alarm go off and I just snuggled under my covers for another half hour.  It felt so refreshing.

I hope you enjoyed my hearing about some of my firsts!! Now on to prepare for my 3 finals next week.  Wish me luck!!

p.s. If you are in the area on Saturday, the Acabellas final concert is at 4 pm in McCarthy, which our very own Student Blog Coordinator, Gabbi Hall will be singing in!!!  Good Luck!!

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