Monday, December 26, 2011

A Very Grogan Christmas

A day late but, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying what time they have off and spending some quality time with there family and friends.  I know I'm having a good break.  Christmas is a nice break from campus life but I miss my friends.

So, what is a Grogan Christmas like?  We are a very crazy bunch, especially when we are all together.  (side note:  If you ask my friends I'm not quiet, ask my family and I'm one of the quiet ones.)  My dad is one of five boys and they have one sister.  I am one of nine first cousins ranging from 16-28.  This year was the first time in awhile that the entire family, minus my uncle serving oversees, was actually in one place.

It was nice to see all my cousins and aunts and uncles together.  However, it was a bit crazy.  If you got out of your chair chances are it was gone when you got back.  With 23 people walking around was a bit hectic too.  We spent the first four hours reminiscing, talking, and laughing.  Then after dinner we all gathered around my grandma's three foot high tree buried in presents and began distributing them.  It became a game of pass the presents (luckily nothing broke).  It was sad to say good-bye but hopefully we will all be together soon!!

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