Wednesday, April 30, 2014

One Last Time: Celtic Knights

Last Friday night was the MLK Talent Show at St. Mike's.  It was also my last performance as a Celtic Knight.  It is really sad to think about and I almost cried during my last pep talk to them.  It has been a great honor being their president and working with a group of such talented ladies.  From all the laughs, to stressful nights, to amazing performances - it has been great time!!  I know my senior year would not have been as memorable without them.

Throughout March and April, we worked very hard to choreograph a routine to blow people away at the talent show.  Our first goal was to pick a theme.  It was quite difficult because there were some good ones.  We ended up on deciding on a 20s theme.  The next step was to choreograph the actual routine.  This year we consisted of girls with past dance talent and we were able to incorporate some Swing and Charleston into our dance.  It was definitely quite interesting to learn.  Here are some pictures of us during practice.  We definitely all worked hard.

Yes, it looks like we are standing around a lot, but we would stop and discuss different sections, talk about the count, and remind people to smile.  I know I have to be reminded to smile a lot because I'll tend to stick my tongue out when I concentrate - don't worry they took no hesitation in calling me out on it!

Here is what the final performance looked like:

I'm so proud of all them and the hard work they put into this performance!

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