Friday, April 11, 2014

Jeanmarie Hall, my second home

Some majors have one building where many of your classes are held.  After my four years, I have to say mine would be Jeanmarie.  Jeanmarie is one of the three main academic buildings that are connected on main campus.  It has three floors with many different classroom styles and computer labs.

One room which I have become acquainted with fairly well is the Linux lab.  I've had three Computer Science classes in that room and have spent a fair amount of time there for my other Computer Science classes as well.  I'll say we have a love hate relationship for that reason as well.  I really love my major but occasionally, there were those assignments that I wanted nothing to do with again after that semester.

Some the department offices which are housed in Jeanmarie are the Computer Science, Mathematics, and Business departments.  There are some other professors scattered in there as well but for the most part if you are in any of these three majors, you will frequently visit Jeanmarie for advising meetings, to hand in papers, and for extra help during office hours.

If you stop by campus, be sure to check out the place I've come to love and know!  And to help you out here are some pictures of this place as well:
Jeanmaire Hall
A Windows Computer Lab
The Linux Lab - generally only computer science majors
only have access to this room 
One style room for lectures
Another type of classroom, I really like this one because
it is easier to spread out!
A setup for a more discussion based classes

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