Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Final P-Day

For those who don't know, P-Day is short for Preparation Day.  It is designed to give students one last fun weekend to celebrate a successful year with friends and relieve some stress before finals start.  It normally kicks off with the Senior Symposium on Friday followed by the MLK Talent Show.  Saturday is a long day with a trike race, bouncy houses, lots of food, and a comedian.  This year they spread out the symposium over both Friday and Saturday and just pushed back the events on Saturday.

It was still a good weekend.  I presented my senior research on Friday afternoon at the symposium.  I was very relieved when it was over.  However, I ran straight to the Celtic Knights performance at the talent show.  But I made it through!!  It goes without saying I went to bed right after because it was the first night I could sleep without my mind racing in twenty different directions.

I got up fairly early on Saturday to see my roommate present her senior research.  She did amazing!  I was so proud of her!  After hearing speak, I of course went home to go back to bed so I was well rested for everything later that day.

When we finally all got together for some fun, it was a blast!  My roommates and I went to check out the bouncy houses and got some food.  Let me just say - I ate a lot!  There was Papa Franks, Ben and Jerry's, Skinny Pancake, and many more!  I had to try it all!  Afterwards my roommate, Buttface and I challenged each other on the bouncy houses.  She beat me through the obstacle course but in the bungee cord race I won.  I can't really explain it so here is a picture of my friends doing it:

After those festivities we went to see Senior Kit Rivers perform at the comedy show.  She is amazing and her show is so relatable to campus life.  After the comedian (about 11pm at night) there was a BBQ and dance party thrown by St. Mike's on the 300s field.  Goes without saying I slept well that night (and the next as well).

Anyways, here are some selfies with friends throughout the afternoon:

Buttface, myself, and Ariel
(Buttface is my roommate, she calls me Butthead - it is a loving relationship)
Alex, Me, and Buttface
My roomies
TH 402
Going to miss this place
Love my friends <3
Carly and I
It is sad to think it was my last P-Day but life keeps moving and I have to try and keep up with it!

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