Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Baking Failures

Christmas is normally a time when you smell pies and cookies baking in the oven.  You see the commercials of the beautifully made dishes families made and are setting the table with.  In my household the picture has been the opposite.  I've had the task of baking the desserts this year and have batted a thousand in failures:

Failure 1:  Apple Crisp
I love the apple crisp at St. Mike's so I thought I'd make a dish for my family.  I Googled a recipe and it all went well until my dad and I sat down to eat some.  I forgot to peel the apples.  It wasn't a major snafu but it was the first sign of the rest to come.

Failure 2:  Pumpkin Pie
This has to be my worst failure.  I made the pie all fine an well.  I went to put it in the oven and it spilled all over the cookie sheet that was below it.  Well that was strike one.  I didn't clean the pan right away so it burned and now is no longer usable.  Next failure was that the pie itself burned.  Third failure was that I did not flour the pie pan so it doesn't come out cleanly.  Yep, I failed on this one.

Failure 3:  Ice Cream
So, I didn't attempt to make ice cream but I ate some.  I made a huge boo boo and put the scooper in the dishwasher.  Hey, some ice cream scoopers are dishwasher safe!!

Failure 4:  Brownies
So, I went to redeem myself by making boxed brownies.  I thought it all went well until my mom went to try to remove them....I forgot to grease the corners of the pan so some pieces got stuck.  My mom ended up shooting me with brownie because I was to close as she tried to pry the brownies from the pan!

Failure 5:  Apple Crisp Take 2
This time I was determined to peel the apples and not mess up.  Well, I failed miserably at peeling.  My dad kept taking the knife out of my hand and trying to correct it.  At least it all taste the same!!  In the end my dad successfully did teach me to peel and apple.

Moral from this story:  Ask for help!!  I know nothing about baking and have learned a lot from trial and error.  Also, my mom likes the fact that I replaced her cookie sheets (I bought a set even though I ruined one!), bought a new ice cream scooper (dishwasher safe this time!), and she has a good story to make fun of me with.  As for me, I think I'll stay out of the kitchen during the holidays so I'm not running to and from the store replacing things I've ruined!!

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