Sunday, December 8, 2013

River Lab Science Experience

Friday marked the last day of classes for the semester.  It is a bitter-sweet moment since it means I only have one more semester at St. Michael's College and that makes me sad.  However, I am excited to go home for the holidays at the end of the week!

My very last class of the semester was my lab science.  I choose Physical Geography as my lab science because it was something different from what I have taken.  I've enjoyed this course a lot, especially the hands-on lab assignments.  And Friday's lab was definitely hands-on.

We went out to a branch of the Winooski River, about 15 minutes from campus, to learn about water movement.  Part of the assignment was to determine the speed of the current.  I can't tell you the exact speed because I was in the water conducting the tests!  Everyone on shore was measuring the time.  After class, I grabbed the data from my friend but I haven't had a chance to calculate and study the data myself.  I should have the answers for that day shortly.

Rubber Ducky Launching
I enjoyed playing in the river and it wasn't too cold.  We also talked about the type of landscape and which rocks were probably shaped by the river and which probably had been carried.  Also, we determined what type of glacier passed through based on the U-shaped look to the slopes surrounding the area.  Because the glacier can't follow all the twists and turns of a normal stream, it eventually erodes away the bends forming the U-shaped look. 

I love the hands-on experiences in the lab because I definitely gained a lot more understanding for this concept.

My class
The brave river experimenters!

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