Friday, December 13, 2013

A look back on an amazing semester!

A lot has happened and I can't believe the semester is over.  I only have one more semester left at St. Mike's before I start a completely new chapter in my life.  I have to say, no matter how stressed this semester was, how annoyed I got at things, or how fed up I was with college at points, I'm so glad I made it through because a lot of positives happened which definitely out weighed the bad.  Here's a look back on all the amazing things (and maybe not so amazing things):

  • I was reunited with my two besties at St. Mike's!  We hadn't seen each other since December 2012 when we split up for the holidays till we saw each other during move-in.  Katie and I both went abroad for the Spring.

  •  I got to be part of an AMAZING VITA team this year to help plan some AWESOME campus ministry events.

  •  Went on small hike/adventure with some friends before classes began.  Lake Champlain was beautiful!

  •  I broke so many kitchen utensils and began to learn the art of cooking.  I am thankful for my roommates through all of this because we were occasionally without something until I went shopping.  And for taking me to the ER when I sliced my finger for stitches (don't worry I'm alright, it was an accident and it only happened once!).

  •  My brother came to visit for the first time since I started St. Mike's.

  •  I got to go to a wedding for my AMAZING Family and Faith's son and new daughter.

  •  I got to play in a corn maze.

  •  Got to visit the Proctor Maple Center Weather Station during prime leaf peeping season.

  •  I dressed up as a mouse and Alex dressed up as a cat.  And then this happened:

(it was Halloween)
  • Put on a successful performance with Celtic Knights.  These girls and guy worked so hard for me and I appreciate them for all their hard work!

  • My brother graduated from McGill University with a degree in Mining Engineering.  So proud of his successes!!

  •  We baked over 70 pies to raise money to help out a family that is a huge part of the St. Mike's family.

  •  Got to meet Loni Love (and look good while doing so).

  • I dressed up as Santa and my best friend dressed as an elf for a Christmas party!

  •  I got to play in a river for one of my lab assignments!

Fall semester of 2013 is finally done and I'm thankful for all that it brought.  It gave me so many memories that I'm grateful for.  It is bitter sweet for it to end but I'm ready for Spring of 2014 - it is going to be a roller coaster of a ride!

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