Friday, July 27, 2012


Camp has been keeping very busy.  I don't really think I had a moment free these past two weeks where I wasn't working - either that or I was sleeping.  I think the most exciting thing was the major storm that happened last night.  We were told earlier in the day we would be moving out of tents and into the dining hall to sleep.  However, we tried to do Thursday night campfire down at the lake like we always do, but couldn't.  I was down there setting up when all of a sudden it got dark.  We grabbed everything and threw it in a van and raced up to the dining hall to set up there.  Campers walked briskly up with sleeping bags and pillows.  Campfire was fun but the storm was loud.  We all survived which is the most important.

So, some tips for college?  Being at camp, it's been hard to recall what you may want to know.  My suggestion is to use your time wisely.  I only get to be home for about 36 hours before I have to head back to camp.  It doesn't give me much time.  I spend as much of it organizing, cleaning and packing for the school year to start.  Also, I spend time with my parents.  When I arrive at college, I probably won't get to see them much.  It helps to plan your time too.  If you want to see specific people, or go somewhere, plan it out.  It will help you do everything you want to before the school year starts.

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